CYPRESS ESSENTIAL OIL: The Most Powerful Detoxifier & Cleanser in Aromatherapy – The 12 Healing Powers & Ways to Use & It’s Natural Skin Care Benefits … Recipes (Healing with Essential Oils)

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‘CYPRESS ESSENTIAL OIL’ is a quick and helpful reference guide you can rely on for knowing when to choose Cypress oil as your healing tool to relieve specific symptoms of imbalance and promote healing. You’ll find out why Cypress is considered the most powerful detoxifier in aromatherapy and its natural skin care benefits, as well as its 12 healing powers, chemical properties, actions and effects and ways to use.

You’ll find out why Cypress has such an excellent reputation for being powerfully effective as a healer to relieve depression, fear, anxiety and hysteria. Plus you’ll learn 9 easy healing recipes for how to use, as well as a wide assortment of methods of applications for which you can use Cypress for healing.

Cypress oil’s plant identification with Latin name is also given, so you’ll know the botanical species to select for getting therapeutic results, along with the preferred distillation method, part of plant used, and some of best locations for production and distillation, as well as the distinguishing aromatic qualities of pure, unadulterated Cypress oil.

“I can think of no one better to teach aromatherapy than KG Stiles. Her 30 years of experience combined with her compassionate passion to assist and facilitate the personal growth and wellness of all is unsurpassed!” -Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., FAPA, New York Times Best-selling Author, ‘Choices and Illusions.’

“It has been a pleasure working with KG Stiles. She has been a key resource in creating a hospital based Aromatherapy program and educating the staff about the therapeutic principals and applications of essential oils. Thank you, KG!” ~Linda McGwire, RN, BSN, HNC-B

I highly recommend this course to all who are interested in holistic curing and the way that aromatherapy can be applied as an effective Mind Body technique.” ~John L. Turner, MD, Neuro-surgeon, Author – Medicine, Miracles & Manifestations

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